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Why Choose Air Conditioning Phoenix . com?

You might be asking yourself, “How do I find the right air conditioning contractor to repair my A/C?”  After all, there are hundreds to choose from, right? First thing you might want to check is an air conditioning company’s complaint record with organizations such as the BBB,  ROC, (Registrar of Contractors) & other organizations.

NOTE:  We have 0 complaints with ROC, and maintain an  A+ rating with the BBB, the highest you can get.

Another thing you might to consider is the warranty on repairs. Most contractors will give you 30 days warranty on repairs.  Some will TELL you 90 days or even 1 year. With our maintenance plan the warranty is three years, in writing.

NOTE:  That is the best repair warranty in the valley.

Have you ever been charged overtime rates, extra fees, or surcharges?  I think everyone has, at some point, for something. The average air conditioning contractor in phoenix WILL charge you more for nights, weekends & holidays, even if his invoice does not reflect that. They will sometimes just bump up the price and tell you that’s the normal rate. While some contractors see after hours service as an opportunity to earn more money, we at Air Conditioning phoenix . com don’t feel that our customers should have to pay extra money based on the time your equipment fails. (It’s not your fault if it fails on a weekend.)

NOTE:  Air Conditioning phoenix . com never charges overtime rates for weekends, nights or holidays. If you call us on a Tuesday morning or on Christmas day we charge the same rate.

Still not convinced Air Conditioning phoenix . com is the right company for you?  Give us call.  We can give you a list of references a mile long with satisfied customers. Call or email us today to put in your service request and you too will be on that list of thousands of happy customers.